Customer Testimonials


"My name is Michelle and I was shopping in three of your stores this week. On Wednesday I spent approx four hours in Bridge Road and started at the casual Rivette and Blair shop where I was served by Marissa and Karen and spent just over $500 with the VIP discount. When I entered the store Marissa recognised me straight away as a customer of your other Bridge Road store. The aim of my visit was to buy new work clothes for Spring and Summer. Marissa was great at suggesting tops and skirts to try on and jackets. Whilst I was getting dressed to come out and pay, Bernie the manager from your other Bridge Road store had popped into the shop, and when I walked out she said hello, gave me a hug and chatted whilst I paid for my items. We then walked to the other Rivette and Blair store which was my initial destination for shopping. I just love the service I have had over the years there and your range of practical, colourful, quality, comfortable and stylish clothing items. I have been a customer of Rivette and Blair's for over three years and it is the only place I shop at for my work clothes, I usually pop in twice a year to stock up on new items to add to my existing range of your clothes.

When Bernie and I walked up the road she told me that you had opened up a new store in Mornington and that Kathy is now managing that store, I was hoping to see Kathy. As we walked into the store I was greeted with a gorgeous smile and warm greeting by Kate who also recognised me from coming in in January. Kate and Bernie make a an awesome and seamless team with nothing being any trouble and they are not pushy. I am someone who knows what I like and what I don't and I don't skirt around the edges, when I was with Marissa earlier, she said it was great to work with someone like me who was decisive in what they were looking for. Back with Bernie, I left it to her to dress me, suggest items, colours and styles that I wouldn't normally wear, and three and a it hours later I had spent over $4,500 and had a boot load of new dresses, tops, skirts, jackets, belts all that I can mix and match.

Bernie and Kate are a real team and nothing is a problem, I was offered a tea or coffee, water and they even shared their snacks of strawberries with me and three glasses of water to keep me hydrated during my marathon shop, let me tell you i needed it. I never thought I would be in the shop for as long as I was, and Bernie and Kate took the headache and hassle of me worrying about parking and arranged to put money in meter twice, by 2.15pm I was ready to go. Before I settled on what I was going to buy, Bernie grabbed a clothing rail and place ALL the items by matching them together and even ringing the Collins St store to have two dresses in my size sent directly to my house which arrived the next day, awesome delivery service and efficient. So we went through and the items I was unsure about went into one pile, the ones I wanted into another, I reckon I left the store with over seven dresses, eleven skirts, twelve tops, seven jackets, three belts and more. I totally trusted the advise and suggestions of Bernie, Marissa and Kate and I had a brilliant shopping experience, the only challenge left was how to get everything to the car! Kate's quick thinking, she bagged up everything on their hangers and grouped them into manageable 'chunks' of hangers to carry. Instead of making six back and forth trips to the car, they offered for me to drive to the back of the shop and they would meet me to put the items in the boot, phew, I was lucky to have Kate's help as I was all shopped out by then. When I got home, I quickly unloaded so no one would see what I bought and put everything on the spare bed ready to put them away. Kate, thanks for running between the shops to get sizes and styles for me as well.

Later that afternoon I called Bernie and Kate to again say a sincere and heartfelt thank you for the incredible customer service, they made me feel special, were not pushy, I trusted their ideas and experience and ways to mix and match colour and styles.

As I started to put my quality and stylish new clothes and I saw two items I wanted to exchange, as I was in Mornington yesterday, I called Kathy and asked if I could exchange a skirt and a jacket. I arrived and was greeted again by a warm smile and hug from Kathy who remembered me and she is such a happy and friendly person. Again no pushy sales, and forty minutes later I bought more clothes all to add to what I had purchased on Wednesday. Kathy is lovely, friendly, funny and just knows how to put your range together, as do Bernie, Marissa and Kate. They are all a real asset to Rivette and Blair and if my experience is anything like what your other customers experience, you are well on your way to making a lot of people feel special and cared for in your stores.

I will be back when you get your Summer range, this time, I will plan for a whole day out with all day parking and bring a packed lunch. I had a ball in all three shops and just love your customer focused team, I have not experienced such friendly, pleasant, funny, professional service and guidance and I totally trust your team and your range. Thanks Jenny for recruiting an awesome team. Please feel free to call me to discuss any aspect of this email and I would love for you to share this with Bernie, Kate, Marissa and Kathy. I should also mention my first experience of exceptional service was my first visit to your Richmond store when Simone was working, she is the reason I have kept coming back and the service experience just keeps getting better each time."



"I have just returned from another wonderful shopping trip in Melbourne. My first stop is always the Rivette and Blair shop in Bridge Rd which I found a few years back. Bernie recognised me from my last trip two years ago and made me feel so welcome. After spending about three hours trying on clothes I came out with my new winter wardrobe. I realise that today at work I am wearing both new gear and some of the R & B items I purchased two years ago. In between I have done some online shopping and the sizing is always perfect.

Bernie is such a wonderful sales person and her two assistants were wonderful with both myself and my friend. The clothes are always complimented on and I feel great wearing them. The personal attention is also special and they know how to dress us more mature ladies.

I suppose I should say I wish you would open a shop in Auckland but, you know what, I love having my own brand that no-one else knows about and clothes that are unique and special.

For the price the quality is outstanding and it is very easy to spend a large sum of money in one hit, but so worth it. It is hard to put into words how much I love the shopping experience at R & B I think I have been there about five times over the years, always getting the same magnificent service and special treatment. I would certainly vote Bernie for retail saleswomen of the year. Hopefully it wont be two years before I get back again, but I will keep my eye on the website for any additional pieces I need."

Karen (Auckland, NZ)

"Dear Sir/Madam

Just wanted to let you know that I had my 'best ever' customer service yesterday at your Australia on Collins store with a lady called Simone. This is a good example of not having to have Sale/Discount signs on the front windows when you are providing excellent customer service. I am visiting Melbourne from Queensland and have spent the last two days looking for clothes; one of those days was wasted at the Westfield Shopping Centre at Doncaster where I encountered little or no customer service right through to very high pressure to buy regardless of my feelings about what I tried on.

Simone gave me lots of ideas and showed me how I could wear some outfits that I would not have tried on without her encouragement and assistance. I actually ended up buying more than I planned because of her assistance which was not 'over the top' or 'high pressure' but helpful and respectful of what I said I would like to a achieve with my purchases. Often we are more inclined to complain about poor customer service so it is a real pleasure to offer kudos where they are deserved."



"I just wanted to pass on my thanks and appreciation to you and your staff especially to Bernie and Tilly (Bridge Rd stores). I have been visiting Melbourne once a year for the past 4 years, where a shopping trip to Rivette and Blair is a priority and is usually one of my first stops. I remember the first time I visited your store four years ago, after losing a significant amount of weight I was a little lost as to know what clothes really suited my new figure, but Bernie came to my rescue and I walked out of the shop a long time later with a bag full of clothes that made me feel wonderful. This years trip to Melbourne was again a winner. This time Tilly was the one who pointed me in the right direction and gave me plenty of lovely clothes to try on. Once again I walked out the door with another bag full of clothes and a smile on my face. I passed on my thanks to Bernie in person. I just wanted to say what a wonderful shopping experience it is to shop in your stores."



"I am a yearly traveler to Melbourne and my sole reason for travel is to get to Rivette and Blair. I have been a VIP customer for several years and can't wait for my next trip back. Last year my husband told me that this year's birthday present was a trip to Melbourne and Rivette and Blair. Due to family circumstances where my mother passed away after a painful illness my husband decided to bring my birthday forward and surprised me with an overnight visit to Melbourne. Less than two hours after we had landed we were in Bridge Road and talking with Bernie and Karen. Bernie remembered us from last time, and I mentioned how we were there with mum the January before, and the events that had transpired since.After a big hug and a few tears we commenced our shopping.

My husband sits on the 'patient husband' seat and has firm ideas on what he likes and doesn't like - and admittedly the odd thing does creep in that didn't quite pass muster (in his opinion!). We are supplied with tea and coffee and Bernie even gave Simon her morning tea chocolate chip cookies - this is above and beyond what is expected. This time round we equaled our last record of 3 hours 45 mins in the shop (although last time when we picked up our purchases after a leisurely lunch, we spent another 45 minutes and bought four more items!). Poor Bernie and Karen had a very late lunch this time - sorry.

I'm sure you are already aware of the patience of Bernie and Karen, as I tried many many clothes, and their help in coordinating to get the most out of the purchases is outstanding. This is a first that I am writing an email extolling the virtues of staff who have served me. This is really a big thank you to both Bernie and Karen for all their help.

Rivette and Blair have truly wonderful clothes. I said to my husband as we got off the plane - what if I don't find anything I like. Hello - 24 items later (and that doesn't count what I put back in an effort to not completely break the bank) - how ridiculous - I have never not found something I like. The comments I get from the office and friends about how wonderful I look, and what fabulous clothes and where did I get them from is never-ending.

I am already planning my next trip (don't tell my husband) - perhaps with the girls - perhaps in November. I can't wait - I'm saving already. My dream is - to win lotto and work out a deal to have a Rivette and Blair shop in Auckland (although my husband says that would be like letting my chocoholic sister work in a Cadbury store!). Thank you for the fantastic trousers that seem made for me, and the huge range of wonderful coats, the red mac, the skirts and tops - please don't stop. We love the online store, and I sometimes just log on and think about what to buy next."



"I had the fabulous fortune to just happen to walk into Rivette and Blair in Richmond early this week after being in town for a meeting. Never been into the store before, but a spotty shirt took my eye!

I have just gone back into the workforce after nearly nine years at home with children, and of course, my cupboard wasn't quite bare, but very much full of outdated clothes. Needless to say, Simone, took me by the hand and found some amazing stylish clothing options, dressing me perfectly with layers and belts, and giving me fantastic style tips. I have never been dressed so well in a shop before in my life, and I simply could not have achieved the same effect myself (as I freely admit). It was so much fun and the clothes are just lovely. My time was limited but dare I say I left the store with 16 (!!!!!!!!!!!!) new items, including 2 tailored jackets, within an hour.

Can't wait to let my friends know how I found a whole new beautifully co-ordinated wardrobe in the space of an hour. Simone just saved me so much time and energy. I love her and the store! I'll be back for sure."




"We wanted to compliment you on the Rivette & Blair quality and range. We also wanted to bring to your attention the fabulous customer service experience we had at your Bridge Road store last Saturday. Simone and Kathy took our shopping experience to a whole new level. Their commitment to make the experience positive and comfortable, their knowledge of what works and doesn't for different body types and their ability to take the customer through your range in a way that makes sense should be applauded. We both purchased items that extended us. All of which we are very happy with. We have rarely had so much fun spending so much money.

We have recommended your label and the Bridge Road store to all we know in Melbourne and Sydney. We look forward to our next visit to your Bridge Road store where we can once again be taken on a fashion journey."

Jo & Kristine



"In January 2009, while on holiday in Melbourne, I stumbled upon one of your R&B shops at 73 Bridge Rd. I was impressed with the gorgeous clothing, bought a few items and couldn't resist going back the next day. The service Bernie and Karen provided was great and all the clothes they suggested I try on were magnificent and I believe were made for me. The other great aspect of the R&B collection is that they [the garments] can be mixed and matched. Well, I walked out of the shop with an entire new summer wardrobe.

Again in June 2009, I couldn't resist the temptation, so I called the shop from W.A, where I live, and ordered a new winter collection which I am very happy with too. As this was a phone order, I could not see the clothes I was buying but I trusted Bernie's recommendations and the service was amazing. When the order arrived by mail, I enjoyed trying on the lovely surprises and had a fashion parade at home with a few friends.

I know the clothing designs, fabrics and colours speak for themselves as I get a lot of looks and comments from people and the common question: 'Where did you get your clothes from?' As a result, when visiting Melbourne a number of my friends visited the R&B shops and were impressed too. I just want to say to Jen, you are a clever lady. Thank you for your lovely designs. I also want to say to Jen, Bernie and Karen: you all know how to dress a lady. Thank you very much. I love visiting Melbourne and now I have another reason to visit. R&B...and...Bernie...and...Karen...Wow! Come on all you ladies out there...you must go and have a look and have some FUN at R&B!"




"I just wanted to send you a quick email regarding mail orders. I have just completed yet another mail order purchase from Bernie at the Bridge Road store and wanted to acknowledge the great assistance I received. Nothing was too much trouble, even running down the street to the other store to secure the article I was after. My parcel arrived in perfect condition exactly when Bernie said it would. Very painless.

As an aside, when I was in the shop in person about a month ago, I was impressed with what a great range of clothes I found suitable for me. As someone who doesn't always enjoy shopping, I must say Bernie and Julie offered great assistance and advice. A one-stop shop and most appreciated!"



"I just wanted to drop a line and thank you for the wonderful experience I had in your store and with Karen and Bernie just before Xmas. I was visiting Melbourne for 2 days and was advised by a relative to hit the Bridge Road fashion Mecca whilst I was there. R & B was the first store I came to (at approximately 10.30am) and I did not surface for about 5 hours, wearing and carrying the beginnings of a whole new wardrobe for me (the remainder is on lay-by as the plane back to Sydney may have taken a nose dive at the end of the runway if I brought it all back to Sydney with me).

The service, advice, friendliness and surprisingly instant bond I felt with Karen and Bernie was remarkable. These fashionistas gave me an experience I have never had in my 49 years. They listened to what my needs and opinions were, then (as if they possessed a computer brain with specialized fashion stylist software) proceeded to outfit my ever-growing menopausal shape with never before thought of ideas to help hide my negatives and highlight the positives.

Apart from not knowing what a 'wrap' actually looked like, just how many different ways these can be worn is amazing! (The bangle tip was a gem-thanks Karen!) The compliments I have received since coming home and slowly parading my new found 'style' to family, friends and colleagues has breathed some long forgotten self assuredness (if there is such a word) back into me and I'm absolutely certain that I can attribute some of this to the quality time spent with K and B. Nothing was a bother, in fact everything was done with pure delight by these ladies (and how GORGEOUS they are!) Customer Service takes on a whole new meaning when you walk into this store…..never before have I been made to feel so special in any shop in any place (and I done a fair bit of traveling) Even when I was working up a sweat trying all these wonderful clothes on Karen fetched a fan for me. Water, tea (with and without sugar) chocolates and lollies were on tap as was the laughter, jokes, fun and frivolity. Not at any point did this dynamic duo drop the ball if a customer walked into the store…they have a delightful knack of juggling the welcome ball with all and sundry. Even the delivery of long stemmed red roses for Bernie during my 'stay' was a short lived diversion from our bonding session.

Apart from the 'second-to-none customer service', mention must be made to the designer of these clothes. I felt that every item was designed for me once I was into the groove of learning how to co-ordinate. The lines are feminine, chic, sexy and classy all rolled into one. Fabrics have never really been an issue for me but, boy, don't I feel special in my ever so light, blue, floral, swishy, silk lined skirt. I have been hard pressed finding a clothes store which suits my 'age' (that being a state of mind...) size and taste and here it is!

I am spreading the word back here in Sydney and sharing my experience with everyone I know (and even ones I don't!) however I will have to wait to finish sharing that story with my partner when he gets over his heart attack (suffered on hearing just how much I spent!) - just kidding! R & B is a 'must see' for any lady visiting (or living in) Melbourne - I have just one request - please open a branch in Sydney as I am now barred from Melbourne (thank heavens for the internet!) Thank you Karen and Bernie for one of the most wonderful shopping experiences in my life - it doesn't matter about the $ and the clothes were a bonus!"




"I'd like to share what we think was the perfect sales experience with your company outlet whilst we were in Melbourne on 17 Dec 14. Our experience was with your representative, Simone. My wife Amanda and her sister were there the year before and Simone recognised her from the 2013 visit. Amanda is quite resistant to pushy sales staff but Simone had her engaged in a couple of minutes once Simone had commenced the relationship with Amanda. Amanda, like many of your customers doesn't understand wardrobe purchases and Simone's confidence, patience and encouragement put Amanda at ease with her selections and Simone's suggestions.

In addition, as a bloke in a dress shop.. it's quite daunting. Again within minutes, Simone had me involved asking for my advice and opinions on the outfits. I was transfixed and had to maintain my attention. I am a salesman and there was no way I was going to leave R & B without purchasing something. Simone's sales technique was perfect. I learnt a lot!! Bottom line, Amanda bought an outfit with accessories and we will definitely return to Simone and R & B next time we are in Melbourne. Please pass on our congratulations to Simone and I think if you have a staff award system, Simone must be at the top. Credit also to your training values and Company investment in your staff. A wonderful, fun and a really enjoyable sales experience."

Tony and Amanda Finneran, Sydney



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